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Radio is an 'unseen' medium of communication; you don't see the people on air or read credits to let you know what goes on behind the scenes. That's what this web site is for. Giving you, our listener, the visual element for this station and an ability to contact the people that you hear on-air and those who work hard to make it all happen. Results are what The Phantom is about. Targeting adults 18-49 who are in the prime of creating their buying habits, starting families, have the expendable income to buy new cars, go to clubs, take vacations, go to the movies, out to eat, go see concerts…and the list goes on. The Phantom taps into every aspect of the Your lifestyle.

as Program Director and owner,Jason D.,a.k.a. "The Roadie" helms the phantom with "The Artist Spotlight", and his contributions to and Live365's community boards,   Jason has been known to rub elbows with celebrities like Alabama Gov. Don Siegelman, 41 Down, Mick Foley from the WWF, Rena Mero formery Known as WWF's SABLE and many More...

The Phantom is YOUR home for The Best in Alternative Music.
 Nationally Recognized ( for early discovery of more hit songs than any other radio station in the United States. No other station in Montgomery, alabama can lay claim to playing  tomorrow's Alternative music today - The Phantom…Montgomery's most fun Alternative radio station.

 The Phantom's Program Director/ Music Director
Jason D.
"The Roadie"

Notice: The preceding website is designed, posted and intended to be read and interpreted purely in jest. Although it is a technical impossibility to ascertain that there will not be some slight resemblance to "real persons" either living or dead, or Radio stations, any resemblance to such persons and/or entities is purely unintentional and should be treated and/or disregarded as such. There is absolutely no malicious intent in this website / internet radio Station. If you should find anything offensive in any way, please immediately close your eyes, turn your head so that you are not facing the monitor and reach out for the nearest heavy object. After verifying that the nearest heavy object is not a friend, relative or any other human being, lift said heavy object approcimately 18 to 24 inches above your head and swing the object with all possible force in a sweeping downward motion toward the monitor displaying said offensive material...